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Just got off the phone with Jeff Scheel from Gravity Kills. He’s doing our bookings now for SMiRK and is just an all around awesome guy. He got us a booking at Velvet Room next Saturday (June 14th) with the acoustic show. I’m looking forward to it!! :)

Working on some band stuff tonight. This band’s really beginning to become a full time job. So on top of the day job, the freelance web contracting, and the band, I occasionally get that thing that starts with an s… yeah that sleep word ….. ugh.

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Saw “Finding Nemo” yesterday. Praise to Pixar Animation Studios. You guys are the best. I’ve never seen animated water look like that before. *W-O-W*!

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All I have to say is that things with SMiRK are beginning to look VERY VERY good. More to come when I can talk about it. Suffice to say that …… an IMPRESSIVE show is on its way.

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DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIT! I just spent the last 30 minutes writing a post that somehow hit the bit bucket. DAMN fricking blog.

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Monday morning. Blech.

Saturday at Cronie’s was awesome. Not the fullest crowd possible, I think because it was a tad nippy for end of May and it’s an outdoor gig. People were kinda hanging out inside to warm up. But, it’s a huge stage, and me and huge stages get along great — it’s the “ham factor”. :) Went so great, in fact, that he wants us there next Saturday for a repeat — either upstairs or downstairs. Went so great, in fact, that the Tulsa Jaycee’s called the bar owner looking for our number today so they could book us for a huge July gig. .: happy dance :. We have lots of work to do in the interim, but I think we’re on our way.

Worked out over lunch today. Biked 5 miles, ran 1 mile. My quads were still screaming from the Saturday night gig — you try running around in 3 inch block heels on a stage all night ;) But I made myself do it. Pilates tonight :: groan ::

Saw Bruce Almighty last night — it was pretty good. Enjoyable evening, except for the fact that I had the cool middle seats where you’re right on the balcony and you can kinda put your feet up. Movie gets started, and some fat idiot and his wife come in and the fat man sits next to me. He then proceeds to take his shoes off and put his DISGUSTING claw feet on the rail. Welcome to Oklahoma. :: gag :: And his feet stunk too. The know it all behind me was jabbering constantly, but such is life. I’d pay 2x the ticket price just to sit in the “non-inbreeder” section of the theatre, provided they’d make one :)

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Gigged last night with SMiRK. Spending today trying to stay awake again…man these gigs wear me out… especially the Thursday ones where I have to get up 3 hours later and program all day on Friday with the day job. BLECH.

Gotta do it again tomorrow night — playing at Cronie’s downtown as a fill in for another band that cancelled at the last minute on em. It’s the honey/lemon tea for me all weekend, I’m just gonna be BEAT on Sunday, probably will reside in my natural habitat (aka the couch) for much of the weekend when I don’t have to be up there performing. Kinda nervous about tomorrow night, first time playing there and I don’t think the kinds of bands that normally play there attract the same crowd as the music that SMiRK plays. We’ll see how it goes…I just want to get through it without any train wrecks and I’ll be happy.

I’ve gotta finish that alumni website badly….just been too exhausted to even look at it. I’ll have to this weekend, at some point.

Baked Alaskan Salmon for dinner tonight…..with lots of butter, basil, herbs, and minced garlic. YUM YUM. :)

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My pal John L. made the awesome header at the top for me. Wish I had his design skills :D Thanks John!

Gig tonight with SMiRK…..back out at Elephant has the runs. …. err… I mean Elephant Run. Show starts at 9:30pm. New lightshow too, we’ll see how that goes. Wearing notoriously stupid schoolgirl outfit to boot. Woo woo.

Working on a lot of game programming and C# .NET programming as of late. C# is like Java done the right way. Pretty darn cool. Easy too. Hope to stick some of my cheesy game demos and my Flash art gallery online one of these centuries.

But I have to beat “Golden Sun” first. … just …one….more … dungeon. 8-)

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Changed format of blog and added the links to the right…..hopefully… :)

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Another weekend gone already…… I’m exhausted. People think that getting up there and singing is just a fun little thing and that there’s nothing to it. What they don’t see the next day is how drained I am, or all the little bruises and nicks I’ve incurred in the form of “entertainment” from the night before. Not to mention by wearing boots that have a three inch heel, how my quads are quivering the next day from being overworked. Whew. Still wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it does come with a price.

Nother day at work tomorrow. Now that ADS has bought out AEP, we all wonder what’s going to happen to our contracts. Who knows. Been refreshing the resume and starting to put the feelers out into the market. On Friday our newspaper reported that Tulsa has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. We’re behind San Jose, home of the Silicon Valley Empire. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Anyway, last company leaving Tulsa, please turn out the lights. Knock on wood, I’ve never been off a contract, even in the rough times. I’ve gone from Friday to Monday from one contract to the next. I just pray that I can keep it up in the future. Then again maybe it’s time to move…

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