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Made a slick little flash popup menu last night. Email me – tekchic AT tekchic.com if you want to know how its done.

Flash Popup Menu

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Been working like a maniac in flash — buttons, animation, interactivity, art, etc. Figured I may as well start posting the links to them in the blog instead since I’m adding them at the rate of a few a day it seems. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Daria (Now you know what I watched on TV tonight)

Flash Image Viewer

Loading Movies in Flash (leaf and ball animation)

Christmas Card 2003

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Flu. Pooh. I’m normally bragging about being “hyper-immune” girl. Bah. Stupid flu. Has had me down for about five days now, and I’m looking at a Friday and Saturday as a 2-gig weekend. I’m toast. Had a huge snowstorm last night to boot, about 5-6″ judging by what I had to take off my Aztek with a broom this morning. Arizona starting to look like more attractive option.

Started subscribing to this site: www.lynda.com for their movie tutorials on a ton of packages. I figured I could afford the $25/month just by dropping some of the online games/accounts I’ve had going that I don’t even use. I never thought it’d be a good way to learn but I must say I’m pleasantly surprised — I’m learning a lot more tips/tricks/useful skills than I do from my books. Not a bad deal all in all. Almost like taking a class without having to leave the house.

Everyone is now ordered to keep fingers crossed for me this weekend so my voice doesn’t take a nosedive since I’ve been sick.

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I made my first turkey this year, a 10 pounder. It took FOREVER to cook. The instructions said 3.5 hours, but in reality it was over six hours. But it was the juiciest turkey I’ve had in a very long time, if not ever :) I made turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, gravy, and mashed potatoes. When it was all over, all that was left was some turkey… some relatives ate enough for four or five people. I guess that’s a compliment. I say more like PIG *snort*.

I’m tired. Tired tired tired. Been in one of those surly, irritable moods lately. I think the day job, the after hours contracts, and the band gigs/rehearsals are getting to me. I’m tired and grouchy, and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is sit here and work on my own site. The shoemaker’s kids never have shoes. Oh well, I suppose if you see this website start looking really slick it means I have no life anymore.

Have a gig this Thursday at Grey Snail, hopefully things will go well. Then next week I’m playing my company’s Christmas Party on a Friday and the Voodoo Room on a Saturday.

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I found out over lunch that a friend of mine died last week. His name was Tony, and he was a big, jovial, happy-go-lucky man that would always bring a smile to everyone’s face down at the cafe in our building. He was VERY young, not even 40. He died of a heart attack last week. I can’t walk by the cafe on the way to work without my eyes tearing up. I don’t think I’ll be able to go in there again without crying.

He used to make the best omelets, and always had something good to say or something that would make you smile. He would turn my scowling morning into one of laughter as I’d walk out shaking my head and chuckling.

This only further supports my theory that the good die young and the @$$holes live forever. Death just sucks.

Godspeed, Tony.

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Busy weekend ahead finishing up www.btwco89.com and planning to do a bit of work on the novels as well as find another article idea to submit a query for. That and laundry. Grr. I got a new wireless mic for stage — it’s based on the old Samson Que mics which I LOVED but were discontinued. Works pretty well although when the battery gets low they get raspy sounding and you have to swap out the battery. Hope it doesn’t happen in the middle of a set. Also have to pick up a new clip for my mic stand since wireless mics are shaped a bit differently.

Oh yeah. And that StormFront GUI for Gemstone IV *bites*. Had to do a plethora of bug submissions last night doing beta testing — kept gettting a blank screen in the main window to boot. Back to good old WizardFE.

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Finally got my article submitted to Pocket PC Magazine. Won’t get edited for another week, so I can work on some other projects in the meantime. I’ll post when it’s available at bookstores and newsstands.

Simutronics released their new StormFront front end for GemstoneIV to beta test. Kinda interesting interface, a lot of slick bells and whistles and a lot that I’ll have to turn off. It’s not bad. Hard to say without the ability to use any of my scripts yet since I guess this beta version doesn’t support scripts. We’ll see.

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Went to a GREAT concert in Dallas last night — it was KISS and Aerosmith, two classics. Saliva opened for them, they were okay, but had that typical “I’m a mean dude so listen to my growly snarly voice” thing goin on. All it meant was that by song three his voice was practically gone. Dumbass. This was my first KISS/Aerosmith concert ever, and they were unbelievable. I was actually rather surprised that Aerosmith was the headliner — I figured KISS would be the stars of the show. Regardless, KISS stole the show IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie Tyler rocks the house, but KISS is amazing. Quite the showmen. The line waiting for the gates to open was insane, I’m glad we got there early. They went back probably close to a mile, and about twelve people deep. Most of the outfits and t-shirts I saw were KISS, with a few Aerosmith t-shirts smattered here and there. Click here to see the pics from last night.

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Finally renewed the tekchic.com hosting, it was down for about 3 weeks. Nice to be back up, going to add a ton when I have the time, which is usually the

premium around here.

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Monday. Yawn. Blech. Formatted my Sony laptop and my Compaq desktop over the weekend, along with a gig on Saturday night which was rather utterly boring. Oh well, this weekend’s Cherokee Yacht Club and Velvet Room, so we’re gonna own, it’ll be far more fun. I’m thinking I might not even accept any more Boston’s gigs. No matter what they spout, I’ve *never* seen that place crowded. EVER. It was a happening place 10 years ago. It’s not 10 years ago anymore.

I’m going to get the top of my left ear pierced either tonight or tomorrow, I’m kinda nervous but it’ll look pretty cool when I’m onstage since I wear braids. Just dreading not being able to sleep on my left side for awhile, ugh. But I want to do it early in the week so it’s got a bit of a chance to heal before gigs this weekend. I’d like to get the cool niobium one that’s the purple/blue/metallic looking color, but i don’t know if they’ll let me put that one in out of the gate, so if not, I’ll just get the regular silver/titanium one for now and in a few months I’ll put in the niobium one. I’d like to get my navel redone with one of the half-moon looking jewelry that has the cute little dangly dragonfly or butterflies. But I think I’ll wait awhile to let my ear heal up before I go back for more, heh heh.

My boss is no longer my boss. ADS did a restructure and I’m on a different team that does “new development”. All I have to say is BRING IT ON! :)))))) We’ll see what happens. I haven’t had too much to do lately so I’ve just been supplementing my Flash knowledge by voraciously reading technical books on Actionscript, practicing more C#, VB.NET, etc etc.

I want to see “The Hulk” at some point this week.

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