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I’ve been coding day and night on several projects — all are .NET applications, mostly C# with ASP.NET. They’re all a ton of fun because I get to architect and design the entire application and solution, and am the only programmer on the project, but at times it can be incredibly overwhelming because I have nobody to rely on but myself to make deliverables. It’s quite liberating though, being your own boss and setting your own schedules and timelines and delivering them on time. I do miss the nights when I could curl up and draw with my Wacom tablet though *pout*.

I see my article in PocketPC Magazine has hit newsstands now, so I’m pretty happy — (page 34 if you happen by a Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore) :D I wish I had time to work on my novel or at least more articles, but until my project load lightens up a bit it will have to be a back-burner kind of thing.

So far lately the only game I’ve been playing is MTG Online (Magic the Gathering). What a FUN game! This is my first foray into the collectible trading card arena and I’ve been having a blast. It’s great for someone that’s as busy as me because I can pop in, get a game started against another person immediately, have some fun for a few minutes, and then log off to go work on code again. I still wish some of the games listed below would finally get released.

We’re playing Gray Snail Friday night, I’m looking forward to it. Tomorrow I think I’m going to go get the top of my left ear pierced. I’m a little nervous, but I think it’ll look cool, especially when I wear my ponytails onstage like I do. I just hope it doesn’t hurt like hell :P

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I’m installing Magic: The Gathering Online on my laptop… yes I know it came out 10 years ago, but I finally decided to see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been a bored and fickle gamer lately, nothing’s been able to hold my attention game-wise for long these days, I’m in game doldrums. I’ll post later if I can figure out how to play. Looks kinda interesting in any case.

# Games I’m Waiting On: Doom 3

# Half-Life 2

# Everquest 2

# Dragon Empires

# The Sims 2


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Woohoo, my article’s out! http://www.pocketpcmag.com/Jul04/ If you enjoyed the article, please send me money, flowers, and a pink helicopter. Note to self: Insert PayPal Donation button here (hahaha). I’ve been busy this week, working on a portal project for a client in which I’m using DotNetNuke. I knocked DotNetNuke at first, but the more I look at it the more potential I think it really has. I’m going to give it a shot. My brain was trying to configure DotNetNuke in my sleep last night. Yes, I need a life.

Been playing FFXI Online some, and honestly I’m rather disappointed. I suppose because it’s old technology and had to be tweaked to allow PS2 and PC players to coexist in the same world, but the UI stinks. The graphics are lackluster and unimpressive as well. That or maybe I’m just a spoiled rotten gamer. I drool over Age of Mythology (Titans expansion), Dungeon Siege (with LoA expansion), and NWN SoU/HoU expansions. Now those are pretty. Is it too much to ask to put a little more saturated color into a game I’ll be staring at for four hours a night… *cough*… I mean two hours a night?

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I’ve been doing a ton of .NET work lately which has been a lot of fun. To me, Microsoft’s finally gotten it right with .NET. If J2EE had an IDE like Visual Studio .NET we’d all probably still be using Java rather than happily coding away in C#.

We got a new guitar player for SMiRK and he’s an absolute dream. PERFECT guitar player. The guy makes Nuno Bettencourt look like he’s missing 3 fingers. We got him onstage last Saturday night when we played Voodoo Room and he just blew the crowd away, even though he insists he’s rusty (not). Finally SMiRK can get some great originals going, we’ve got the missing piece to the band.

I got a new laptop last week that smokes my desktop machine. It’s an HP Pavilion ZX5040US. I decided on the 2.8 gigahertz P4 instead of a Centrino because I needed the horsepower over battery life. I’ve got a gig of ram in it and it uses the ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 64mb video card… that little laptop vid card is putting my Geforce4 128mb desktop card to shame, heh heh. I also set up Blue Haven Technologies again. I was beginning to have too much business to not. I have to work on the site though, one of these years….planning to do some of that this weekend when I’m not gigging… SMiRK has a gig in Muskogee at Laid Back Lenny’s on Saturday night — it’s about 35 minutes outside of Tulsa, so it’s a little bit of a drive. I’m frustrated I forgot my laptop power adapter at work tonight so I’m eeking as much battery out of my laptop as I can before it takes its dirt nap for the rest of the evening. :)

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It’s Sunday, and I’m coming off of a five gig sprint in two weekends, I’m exhausted and my voice needs damage repair with the Throat Coat tea for a few days. I have been LOVING working for myself this past week, I make my own hours, curl up and code all day, code from Starbucks or wherever I want to, and it’s been so relaxing and enjoyable. I have interviews lined up all next week, quite a few pretty good looking prospects. I’ve got PLENTY of work to keep me occupied up until that point, and no micromanagers or lazy managers breathing down my neck — I work so much faster without the unnecessary moronic management tactics that some places employ ;-) Why do they think it’s necessary? I’ve never seen the tactic work when it all boils down, heh.

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Well, I’m on the market for a new job! I’m looking forward to it — my last contract was so long that it was time to make a change and get back to doing what I love. It was nice to step off the sinking ship ;-) The only rough part was going from that to having to get onstage and sing my heart out three hours later — that kinda stunk, but it was an awesome gig at Suede and the crowd was fantastic! I’ve got one more gig to go this weekend, my voice is at the edge after two nights already of singing. I’m on the tea and chicken noodle soup all day, and lots of water of course.

Monday I’ll head out to a few places and see what’s up with the jobs, I noticed the market’s looking better. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and cranking out work on a new project. Fun!

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I hear I missed a rather vulgar Super Bowl MCMIFOVSVIIEIO last night… yawn. Haven’t we seen Janet Jackson’s mammaries before somewhere? I thought she already posed for one mag or another. And yes, of COURSE that was planned — don’t be naive. :)

Gig last Friday went pretty good. Met some great people. I have three gigs coming up this weekend, so I’m not going to be going in to the day job on Friday. For me to work Thursday, gig Thursday night, work Friday, gig Friday night, and then Saturday night gig would probably put me in the hospital for fatigue the way I run around like an idiot onstage, not to mention the 2 hours of sleep a night I get when I have to do Thursday night gigs. Looks like a full weekend with a lot of Throat Coat tea and plenty of naps.

Tonight I think I’ll watch Groundhog Day since it’s playing on Starz. One of my favorite movies, and so apropos for a Monday (not to mention the fact that it actually IS Groundhog Day today). Little rat said we have six more weeks of winter. Color me surprised. I need to work on my character sheets for the toon I’m creating, but I have what the outside world calls “real work” to do tonight. Bah.

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I feel like griping today. First of all, you know what irritates me to no end? Those idiots that come into your cube and ask you for help, and when you offer them help or tips they get all huffy and act like they know everything already. Um, if you have ego problems then don’t bother coming and asking me for help, dumbass! Or is it that you can’t stand the fact that a CHICK knows more than you? Not my fault you can’t program your way out of a paper bag. RTFM like I did.

Aah that felt good. I have a gig tonight at Fishbonz. The weather has been sub 20’s all week, and my butt is frozen. I hope people decide to make an appearance outside their igloos tonight but with the cold weather it’s hard to say. I don’t think there’s really anything going on downtown tonight so maybe that leaves some hope for the south side. We’ll see. It is a payday.

The rest of the weekend is left up to code code code, and hopefully throw some new artwork up on the site. I really need to organize it into some kind of portfolio, so maybe I’ll get to that some. Other than that I plan on spending a good chunk of hours immersing myself in Maya 5 and see what bizarre 3D stuff I come up with off the top of my skull. I’m in a crotchety mood today. Must be because I got 8 hours sleep. More than 5 hours sleep a night and I’m evil. My CPU processes instructions better in low power mode.

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Whoa, has it been a month since my last update? Oops sorry. I’ve been incredibly busy at work, and in the evenings I’ve been working furiously on Java, .NET, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, you name it.

It’s not terribly exciting to exhibit my code samples here so I’ll show you artwork instead :P

Kid – colorized

Brushed metal background I did in Photoshop

Fish drawing scanned in

Shark drawing scanned in

Shark colorized and animation ready

Maya is a 3D rendering program that I’m using to create 3D animated creatures. It’s been a bear to learn, but I’m learning by videos, books, anything I can get my hands on or download :D I’ll post some Maya animated 3D movies as I get a bit more confident with the tool.

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Latest art scans I’m planning to colorize:




Yeah, I drew them all myself. :)

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