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Lebanese-inspired Lamb Wellington

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Here’s tonight’s adventure in dining: Lebanese-inspired Lamb Wellington in a puff pastry with tzatziki sauce. Absolutely delicious, and fairly easy to make (after all the chopping and blending). ;) Lebanese-inspired Lamb Wellington, 4 servings, 8 pastries Lamb Filling 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 lb ground lamb 1 roma tomato, diced 4 green onions, diced 1 […]

Operation: Grand Theft Segway

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Every time we go somewhere and we see police, mall cops, or information guides on Segways, I always joke with Chuck about Operation: Grand Theft Segway. The only time I have illegal machinations is either in sushi bars (where I like to imagine doing a a smash-and-grab on the tako behind the glass and running […]

Las Vegas 2010

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testing something for work: stuff Vegas last weekend was fantastic. It was relaxing to have four days off in a row and not have to bring a computer (iPad doesn’t count). We ate like kings, and didn’t even get around to gambling even a penny. In “Old Vegas” you used to be able to toss […]

Red Roses Out of the Blue

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This week I walked down the hall at work only to return to my desk where there was a box in my seat. I grabbed some scissors and opened it up and was thrilled to find a beautiful dozen roses sent to me from my wonderful husband. Red roses out of the blue — definitely […]

Night Blooming Desert Cactus

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Our German Shepherd gets a morning walk and an evening walk without fail, every single day. As a result, he’s the best behaved, easiest dog to handle. Chuck walks him in the mornings, I get the night shift. The walk is actually a great time to relax and live in the moment — something I […]

Consume vs Create

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I have recently realized that I am quite the little media consumer. Borrowing the iPad from work doesn’t help my cause, either. I have turned into a tech feed addict, always making sure I don’t miss the latest Mashable, Engadget, Gizmodo, or MacRumors post. I’m consuming far more than I’m creating. Time to tip the […]

iPhone 4 Camera Tricks

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I absolutely love my iPhone 4 — it’s by far the best gadget I’ve ever owned. This past weekend I purchased a fantastic app called Camera+ and it has some amazing filters and borders to make your pics look great. The cloud pics were taken around 6:30am last Saturday when we were at the dog […]

Bad Navigation of the Day

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The Problem: When creating drop-down navigation, here’s a pro tip. Don’t add a tooltip! First of all, this navigation unnecessarily uses images as text for each of the main elements, while the sub-elements are all proper text. There is no valid reason for using images in this navigation scheme — in the end, everything is […]

RIP House AC Unit

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Alas, poor air-conditioner, I shall miss thee. One week ago today, the house decided that it could no longer get cooler than 85 degrees. Two days later, the temperature during the day in the house was at a balmy 95 degrees. After several incredibly expensive ac unit quotes, we finally settled on a company that […]

Head First iPhone Development

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Well, ballooning season here in Arizona is pretty much done for the summer. With the temperature beginning to climb, it’s time to take my hobbies to a more indoor variety. Since receiving the Macbook Pro Laptop of Awesomeness, I’ve been learning about iPhone application development. Objective-C takes me back to my “olden days” of learning […]

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