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Shari’s Solo Flight

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Here’s a link to our balloon website, ( and my post about my first hot air balloon solo flight: It was a wonderful flight, and a memory that I will never forget. I can’t wait to do it again! Looking forward to getting my license toward March/April near the end of the flying season. […]

Flying the Dream

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I’ve been flying for less than a year. Around Arizona, we take the whole summer off because well, it’s just too darn hot. After the past month of flying, I am finally beginning to feel like a real pilot. Flying a balloon is easy. The aeronautical decision-making in choosing landing spots or altitudes to determine […]

Keeping the Dream Alive

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I haven’t posted for way too long — this year has already been a flurry of lots of work and lots of outdoor ballooning activities. My private pilot training is coming along swimmingly (flyingly?) and I’ve logged about 2.7-3 hours of the ten hours of flight time I need. I’m studying no less than a […]

Student Pilot – Look Out Above!

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I got my official Student Pilot Certificate last Friday which means I can begin logging my ten hours of flight time needed for my Private Pilot – Lighter Than Air license. The past few weeks I’ve been crewing for balloons as much as possible and studying the test questions for my Private Pilot exam.  There […]

Happy New Year!

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Disneyland was the wonderful park of my fond childhood memories. I used the Flip camera like crazy, but as usual, I’m too lazy to get the video clips all together into a single video. Maybe I’ll do that tonight and post it. Christmas was great, I got a silver hot air balloon necklace and earrings […]

How Big Are Your Dreams?

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A few months ago I posted my “Bucket List” on my blog. These are things I want to accomplish, do, or see, before–you know–kicking the bucket. Anyway, #1 on my bucket list was to ride in a hot air balloon. It was one of those things I’ve wanted to do — well, always, but never […]

My Bucket List

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Seeing the ISS (International Space Station) fly directly overhead tonight gave me goosebumps — I was so excited! It would be such a neat experience to see the shuttle (or whatever it becomes in the future) launch in person at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It got me thinking about what other great life experiences I want […]

Hot Air Balloons and Karazhan

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Winter’s in the air when I drive to work in the morning, heading north on I-17, and I see no less than six hot air balloons dotting the horizon at varying altitudes. I love Arizona, I love the seasons (cool to HOT), I love seeing hot air balloons on the way to work in the […]

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