Shari Morehead is a UI/UX Software Developer, IT Strategist, and advocate for the user. She has been in software engineering and web development since 1995. If you are looking for job-related “techy” info, you can view her LinkedIn profile for more details.

She loves user interface design, solving usability challenges, coding, and improving the user experience. Creating a gorgeous, clean user interface is one of her best skills. But work isn’t everything. There’s distance trail running, hiking, hot air ballooning, triathlon, traveling, and just having adventures in general.

Downtime hobbies include reading, gaming, sketching, graphic design, comics, and learning Japanese.

Latest Projects: Shari has been keeping busy with front-end UI development at US Airways (aka “The New American”), doing redesigns for the front-facing customer website, usairways.com.

Latest Game Platforms: PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS

Latest Passions: Lots of trail running, gaming, and sketching/painting on her Surface Pro tablet.

Oh yes, and then there’s food. Sushi is her #1 all-time favorite food. But she eats nearly EVERYTHING. Even eggplant (begrudgingly).

About this blog

UI/UX Developer by day, a million other hobbies by night. Attracted to shiny objects that need recharging. Passion for life, love, and sushi. Trail running, hiking, books, gaming, sketching and travel are just a few of my interests. Multi-platform (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS) enthusiast.


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Picacho Peak Christmas 2013Hawaii Jun 2013
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