This past weekend, I had a big ultramarathon training leap — back-to-back trail 15 milers. Saturday was on South Mountain, at 48th Street — Javelina trailhead. We went up and over South Mountain, from the Phoenix side, descending down to the Ahwatukee side of the mountain. Then we hit Desert Classic trail back around the mountain (instead of up and over) — then finally back where we started.

Saturday was a rough, hot day, and I felt blasted by the sun and irritated by the newbishly rude mountain bikers on Desert Classic trail. But I made it. That night, I was 90% sure that I wasn’t going to be able to run the next day, my left hamstring being super tight and achy from all the mileage. But around 2am, I got up to hit the restroom and noticed that I wasn’t in as much pain as I had initially thought.

The good thing about all of this heavy ultramarathon training is that if you treat your body well and eat right, you begin to recover at a much faster rate than you ever thought possible. So, Sunday morning at sunrise, I headed out solo to Phoenix Sonoran Preserve (my favorite trail area) and knocked out another 15 miles on the trail.

It was a good feeling to run at a relaxed pace, but strong, and even negative split the final few miles. I was proud of myself. I went home, got cleaned up, and then Chuck and I went to Pacific Seafood Buffet to celebrate the completion of a tough training weekend.

Crown King Scramble is just around the bend, and I’m excited and nervous. I know I’m going to finish. I know it’ll hurt. It’ll be a long day. But I can’t wait to pick up my Crown King Scramble hoodie jacket with the words “Finisher” on the back. Heck yeah!