Work: I’m still at US Airways, although I think we’re supposed to call it American Airlines these days. Hrm.

Life: Recovering from ankle surgery on my right ankle this time. I had a bone fragment that was bugging me. I think it came from back in the figure skating days in high school — it’s my landing leg, and possibly a small piece over time got wedged into the ankle joint.

It was a small arthroscopic surgery on May 8th, and next week is my final two physical therapy sessions at Endurance Rehab. This clinic really caters to the endurance athlete, takes most insurance plans, and they even have an awesome Alter-G treadmill! The treadmill has been the highlight of recovery, as it allows me to run at 60% (or even less) of my body weight to reduce impact forces. Less fun is the ASTYM procedures to minimize scar tissue. Pain and a half. See all those smiley faces on the ASTYM website? Not so much. Imagine a glass tool scraping into your scar/muscle tissue and making you cower in pain with extensive bruising afterward. Not fun, but it does make a big difference.

Blog: Still not sure what to do with the blog, I’ve had it so long, I’d hate to just abandon it like I have. I might revive it to toss on some videos and sketches and other random things here. For science.

Weekend: I’m planning a short six mile trail run (which right now means hike and trot) up at Deem Hills. Sunday morning I’ll either take a bike ride or do another hike and see how the ankle likes a back-to-back trail workout. Offtime? PS3/Vita/3DS gaming, sketching, and maybe organizing an ever-growing corner of art books in the living room and coffee table that’s threatening to take over the place.

Chuck: Has become an ultra-marathoner, so maybe I’ll post something about his accomplishments soon (see new  YouTube channel for videos for now).

Back to the adventure!