Haven’t posted much, the usual “life” gets in the way of blogging sometimes. Chuck had ACL reconstruction knee surgery in the beginning of June, but he’s doing well now and in physical therapy once a week. I know he’s dying to get back to running and cycling, but so far he’s limited to swimming and stationary bike.

As for me, I’ve been training hard for the past few months. I work out nearly every day, alternating spin days with run days. On the weekends it’s swim time, as well as squeezing in a long run and long bike ride most weekends.

So far the longest I’ve run since surgery last December has been 9 miles, and I felt fantastic that day. My longest ride has been nearly 27 miles, and I was pleased to have found some great trails along Skunk Creek to keep me moving along happily.

I’ve booked myself to the gills with races — I have the Lady Speed Stick Women’s Half-Marathon in November, the Tour de Tucson ride in late November, then in December it’s the Hot Chocolate 15K and the Athleta IronGirl 15K.

As far as triathlon goes, I’m still being a little wishy-washy on racing in Nathan’s Tempe Triathlon at the end of September. I wanted to do an Olympic distance which is 1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, and 6 mile run. But the end of September is still somewhat oven-like, so it’ll be a challenge for me. I’ll still probably race. :)

Otherwise we’re both happy and healthy, and ready to get out and do some traveling as soon as Chuck’s knee is good to go!