I love productivity hacks and ways to keep on target with goals and achievements. Lately the one I’ve been using comes from a website called Chains.cc.

My Chains.cc Goals

My Chains.cc Goals

The idea first came from Jerry Seinfeld, which is pretty cool. He wanted to write better jokes, and to achieve that goal, he felt that he needed to write daily. So he bought a big wall calendar and marked a big red “X” over every day that he wrote. After several days, he had a chain of red X’s on his calendar. Every day he said to himself, “Don’t break the chain.” It encouraged him to continue writing and improving, and is a fantastic productivity and goal-setting idea.

Chains.cc allows you to create your own “chains”, and all you do is visit the site daily and “X” off the tasks that you completed. My daily goals are to exercise, improve my software development skills, study for my FAA Private Pilot exam (for hot air balloons), and do some form of writing daily such as a journal entry or blog post.

Having this site keeps me on track, because I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a task for the day and get to visit the site and “check it off”. It also works on my guilt factor, some days it forces me to study or work out just because I want to see the string of completed tasks. The website makes it easy to configure your goals and works on iOS, Android and all modern browsers, no app necessary (although I think there’s an iOS app coming soon).

Do you have a set of daily goals you’d like to continue to make progress on and get a visual representation of your accomplishment? What methods or productivity tricks do you use?