I just realized that my last blog entry was on March 12th and it’s already May 7th. A world of events have happened during the past few months, so here’s the biggest news first:

On April 3rd, 2012, my brother Joshua Holley was attacked by a ten foot tiger shark while surfing. He felt pressure on his left foot and then saw the dorsal fin pop up and out of the water. The shark came back around towards his board and Josh pushed it with his left hand on the gills and started punching it in the face with his right hand. His quick thinking and clear head under pressure are what saved his life!

Some other surfers saw him yelling at the shark and came to his aid, as the tiger shark submerged back under the water and swam away. Josh kept his foot out of the water and on the board and with the help of some other surfers, they all paddled into shore where a lifeguard was able to call the ambulance.

Josh ended up having to have surgery two days later to reattach two of the tendons in his left foot that the shark severed, as well as 42 stitches to sew it all back up. He’s doing quite well now, but is still recovering and I know he’s eager to get back in the water.

He was a bit of an Internet sensation for awhile, making national and even international news stories, and has had several interviews played on television. Here are some of the MANY news stories:

Man Punches Shark
Joshua Holley Survives Tiger Shark Attack
Surfer Bitten by Shark

I’m just glad he’s okay and that his quick actions saved his own life. I was glad to be able to go home to Hawaii for the surgery to support him and the rest of our family. Can’t wait for the book and movie rights, Josh! ;)