Last Wednesday was a milestone marking the end of my (very expensive even with copay) Physical Therapy sessions for my ankle. Last Thursday was my final doctor’s appointment where I was cleared to go back to all activities – yay! Only caveat is that if I’m doing quick lateral change sports (e.g. racquetball, hiking, trail running) I need to be sure to wear my ASO ankle brace for the next year.

Now I’m on my own for training again and can follow my own workout plan. I need to be cautious, I get a bit overzealous with triathlon & run training and then I get injured. I ran a fast tempo run on Friday, getting as fast as an 8:23 pace (very briefly) and then slowing down to a walk for a few seconds, and then getting back up to speeds that are faster than I’m used to running. Now it just feels like my lungs are holding me back instead of my foot, so that feels good. I can fix cardio. :)

Saturday I got out for a solo bike ride around the neighborhood and clocked an easy 7 miles. One of those training days where a bunch goes wrong, but it’s a good learning experience. I dropped my chain on a flat road coming to a four way stop and had to pull off the road and reset it. Then my Garmin decided it needed charging RIGHT THEN and died as well, haha. There was a decent amount of traffic on the streets, so I got in some good traffic skills and bike handling work. Sunday I swam a mile’s worth of laps in the pool and I’m continuing to get faster there as well, it makes me happy to see the numbers ticking lower.

Next races? A St. Patrick’s Day 4K is my first official “post-surgery” race. Just a fun race where I get to dress up and wear green, I’m looking forward to it. Then I’ll be doing the Rio Salado Sprint Triathlon the first weekend of May. That’s a 750 meter open water swim in Tempe Town Lake followed by a 12.6 mile bike ride, and then a 5K run at the end. I’m a little nervous about the bike leg – I’m a wobbly biker right now in clipless pedals, and having enough cardio for the run part scares me some too. But I think I can fix all that in the next month and a half!