Wow, I can’t believe I went a whole month without posting, bad girl! Time to post an update on the ankle. It’s been a long, busy January, but I got out of the boot on January 12th and into an ankle brace and regular shoes. I’m now into my 4th week of physical therapy for the ankle.

In the four weeks of PT, my ankle has gone from pretty bad swelling those first few sessions, to a bit less of a “cankle”, to very little swelling now. Elevating my foot during work hours helped immensely. Before I started elevating it, I was going into PT at 5pm with a fat, swollen ankle. In PT they’ve had me doing leg presses and doing lots of stretching in all directions against a TheraBand. At the end of every session, my therapist would do some deep tissue work on the ankle, breaking up the scar tissue around the stitches and working the flexibility of the ankle. Then I’d hobble on out of there and drive home with a bag of ice on my foot.

PT is painful, but I’m also working incredibly hard at it because I want to improve as an athlete. Now I have progressed to where I’m balancing on my left ankle on an unstable, thick mat while throwing a ball at a trampoline that’s at an angle. Maybe by next week I’ll be balancing one-footed on a Bosu ball while they toss hula hoops at my head and give me fish for treats. ;-)

The scar isn’t too bad, it’s about two inches long and is still red, but I think when it heals all the way it’ll just be some shiny marks across my ankle bone. I’ve also been able to go back to swimming and cycling, which I’ve missed immensely. This Thursday is my last (?) doctor’s appointment where I’m guessing he’ll set me up with a few more weeks of PT and hopefully clear me to begin gently jogging. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed running.

In 8 weeks (my surgery was Dec 5th, 2011) I’ve gone from being completely unable to bear weight, to a candy cane cast, then a boot, then driving, and then to PT where I don’t even wear an ankle brace to work out! It’s nice to be making progress — it’s easy to get tunnel vision and feel like you’re going nowhere.