Well, I only got to wear my candy cane cast for one week, and then they put me in the evil Stormtrooper Moon Boot. I also had a wonderful knee scooter we rented for two weeks which helped immensely. After a week on crutches, my palms were bruised and my underarms were pretty unhappy with me. The knee scooter made it a LOT more possible to get around for running all the Christmas errands. US Airways is a fairly large building as well, so the scooter made it more possible for me to get around without having to crutch everywhere.

I’ve worn the Stormtrooper boot for nearly two weeks now, and today is the day they remove my Frankenstitches on the ankle. Hopefully I’ll also find out when I’m cleared to swim and stationary bike. The first day I was allowed any weight-bearing was on Monday the 26th. It didn’t go well — there was significant heel pain and I could hardly put any weight on it at all. Of course it was frustrating and a bit demoralizing.

Chuck ended up going out to crew for Dean & Kim’s balloon that same Monday, so I tagged along with the crutches anyway, otherwise I would’ve just been a couch potato. I ended up doing quite a bit of standing around on the crutches and as the day progressed, I was happily surprised to see that I could put just a teensy bit more weight on the foot.

Since Monday, every day has progressed a little bit more. Tuesday night, I hobbled around with mincing baby steps on the crutches. Wednesday at work I began using one crutch to “zombie shuffle” over to meetings. Today was more of a breakthrough — I actually ditched the crutches at my desk once and walked over to refill my water bottle solo. I took my time and was extra careful, but I was pretty excited to not have that crutch shoved up my armpit.

HOPING to get cleared to start swimming — it’s funny how perspective works. A month ago I was complaining about the outdoor heated pool and how there was no way I’d go swim laps in that thing because of the cold when I got out. Now I don’t care anymore — I WANT to hop in that heated pool and get a little workout. Cold means nothing now that I’ve been relegated to being a couch potato for a month and CAN’T swim.