My ankle stabilization surgery was on December 5th, and it went quite well. They were able to tighten the ligaments that I damaged from figure skating years ago, and were able to suture up the almost 1″ tear that I had on my peroneal brevis tendon. They even cleaned out a lot of the scar tissue from years of heavy use from figure skating.

This past week has been a little bit of foggy blur.  I took off Monday and Tuesday, and then worked Wednesday and Thursday from home, which was nice. It allowed me to keep in touch and get tasks done but still knock out here and there when the pain meds kicked in. I’m happy to say that I’m almost completely off the pain meds now as well, except for maybe one on the mornings when the pain is worse than normal.

On Friday they finally replaced my “cankle” – this HUGE, heavy wrapping that my ankle was in since the surgery, and I managed to talk them into a candy cane colored cast. What I did not expect was the need to force my ankle into a 90 degree angle to be cast. That was pretty painful — maybe it’s good I didn’t know about that beforehand. But after much deep breathing (and pain), they were able to get it close to 90 degrees to apply the fiberglass cast.

The good news is that I only have to wear it for a week, and next Friday I go in for a boot (or a “CAM Walker” is the official term). Think Stormtrooper boots. The worst part about the surgery and the cast are the crutches. No weight bearing still for two more weeks. I find myself exhausted just getting up to move around, or going to the car and back, even when Chuck drops me off in the front of a restaurant. But, this too shall pass, and I’m hanging in there like a (storm) trooper.

Chuck has been amazing this past week, it’s a blessing to have someone that can take care of you when you’re feeling your worst, and even make you smile when you’re hurting. He brought me my medicine on schedule (one dose even included a cake pop), and kept me as comfortable as I could be. Dean & Kim sent me a BEAUTIFUL edible bouquet that cheered me up immensely. You can’t feel too sorry for yourself when you’re chomping down on chocolate-covered strawberries and pineapples, folks.

I’ll post progress here and there — I’m eager to get back to running, but the most important thing is that I want my ankle to heal as perfectly as possible, so I’m not pushing it like my usual hard-headed, two guns blazing fashion.