After both the Disneyland Half-Marathon and the Dirty 6 Mud Run, I was having issues with my shins, ankle, and knee. I thought it was just tendons/ligaments that got strained and needed time to repair. So I’d take a week or two off here or there and go back to running.

Since my last post about training, and how I was going to work in long runs every other weekend, etc — there has been no running. It looks like there may be no running for another month or more. I took more than two weeks off and then trotted across the Fry’s parking lot to go grocery shopping. Instantly the “stabby ice pick” feeling started up again in the legs and the ankle.

So, I’m thinking there’s a problem. I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor next Friday, which probably means X-Rays or MRI soon as well. At present even the slightest jog or heavy pressure on one leg or another gives me the “stabby ice picks” in my legs. It’s got me a little down. Right now I’m not even biking or swimming. Think I need to start back up on at least cross training this weekend — maybe it’ll improve my outlook.

The Arizona PF Chang’s Rock & Roll Half-Marathon is on January 15th, 2012. I want to run it SOOOO much. But I want to run for a long time, and I guess if it means missing a race until I’m completely healed, that’s what I’ll have to do. :(