While I was at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta this past week, I returned to the hotel one night to catch up on news with my iPad – the first article was regarding the death of Steve Jobs. I immediately tuned the TV to CNN. 

It wasn’t a surprise, as an Apple fan I knew he was gravely ill, but the sudden finality of it all hit me. I found tears welling up in my eyes as I watched the anchor discuss Steve’s life and accomplishments. How is it that I can cry for someone I have never even met?

Maybe it’s that after watching nearly every Apple keynote and new product launch, I’ve grown to look forward to the magic and charisma that Steve Jobs displayed onstage. He was like “Willy Wonka” to many of us, and we eagerly watched on to see what new magical device would be this year’s object of our affection.Steve Jobs was a visionary and a legend, and while I will always be an Apple enthusiast, I will greatly miss his “one more thing” surprises and the passion he exhibited as he gave us the first look at revolutionary tech products. I go to sleep and wake up with an iPhone and an iPad on my nightstand. They mean more to me than mere appliances. They’re a part of my everyday life.

Steve Jobs – Godspeed. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the toys. Thanks for changing the way I both work and play. You will be missed.