First triathlon incoming! I’m excited (and nervous) about our first sprint triathlon coming up on July 3rd in Scottsdale. I had originally planned to do my first sprint triathlon in October at the Mesa Tri, but thought, what the heck, I can do this — let’s just sign up early and get the bugs worked out.

Not expecting much for performance on my first sprint tri, I’ll just consider it a baseline to work from and a way to get my “bugs” worked out for transitions and figuring out what I’m doing. I don’t really even know how fast I actually swim in a race. So the plan is to go into it and just have fun, and considering it’s my first triathlon it’ll be a PR (personal record) anyway. :)

I love biking. I love swimming. Running on the other hand, has been a challenge for me lately. I’ve been suffering from plantar fasciitis, which means I step out of bed and hobble for the first few minutes of every single day. Then if I sit too long at work without getting up or stretching, hobbles again. It’s painful and frustrating because I’ve had to lay off running for awhile. I went back to running last Thursday and just had a terrible time — my cardio is pretty weak, and even at 6am, the heat was nearly unbearable. It just made for an upsetting, demoralizing run.

It also means my training is off track for the Disneyland Half-Marathon. I had a goal of already having done a 13.1 distance by July, and I can’t run more than 5-8 miles before breaking down with bad heel pain. At this point, I’m just going to do what I can to get to ten miles for a long run, and then just try to make the most of it at the Disneyland Half-Marathon — walking quickly if I have to.

Training’s making me stronger, but it’s also a test of my patience. Patience is one of those traits I have yet to develop. Hopefully training over the long term will bring out the traits I’m lacking rather than expose the anger and frustration I experience when things aren’t going so well.
I’ll update the blog with a race report next Monday (July 4th)!