I’m SO excited — I have a road bike! Well, it’s coming. I bid during the last minute of bidding on eBay for a 2007 Specialized Ruby Comp road bike in my perfect size (51cm). I breathlessly watched the seconds tick down on the auction and cheered when I won the bid. The bike is a super lightweight carbon fiber bike with great quality components and in fantastic condition. I purchased it from these new road bikes shop.

It’s coming from Reno this week and hopefully it’ll be in before the weekend so I can hit the LBS (local bike shop) and get it fitted and put some platform pedals on. I need some platform pedals before braving clipless pedals and shoes — gotta walk before I can fly. :) I’ll review the bike this weekend after my first ride.

We ran four miles today, ran out of time to go any further, but it went okay. I need to stop being so Type A about my pace and time and start focusing on time on feet and mileage. The speed will come. Always easier said than done, of course. Looking forward to adding some bike mileage to the mix soon!