The Warrior Dash 2011 race was in Florence, AZ, this past Saturday and Sunday. They hold races all over the country, but this was the first year in Arizona. I’m beginning to really fall in love with race events. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 5K, a triathlon, or a crazy obstacle race like this one — the people and environment seem to all hold a common thread throughout: positivity. Instead of the “I’m gonna kick your butt” mentality that you see in so many other sports, there was an encouraging, fun-loving atmosphere that really makes the race more fun overall.

I held off on this one because I have a shamefully underpowered upper body. I was afraid I would have 7th grade camp flashbacks of climbing the wooden wall with a rope and failing miserably. So, Chuck signed up and I decided to cheer him on from the sidelines for this race.

Click Pic for YouTube Video of the Race

We got to the race and I saw almost more women racing than men. I instantly regretted my choice to not race, as the outrageous costumes, team outfits, and groups just looked like they were having the time of their lives. We saw lots of “Underoos” underwear in adult sizes. More than I wanted to see, actually. Spiderman, Superman, Batman underwear-clad males with capes were ready to race. We saw one man in an orange prison jumpsuit and his wife running next to him with a sheriff’s badge. There was an entire team of Richard Simmons’ lookalikes. It was fantastic!

Chuck ran a great race, but in Vibram Five Finger barefoot shoes on a very rocky course, he ended up having to walk quite a bit of it. But I got to catch several points on video where he jumped over two fire pits, plowed through the mud, and climbed over a 20 ft high cargo net. I loved the goofy fun, and hope to race next year side-by-side with Chuck.