I’m looking forward to joining the .com team at US Airways here in another week or so. It’s a dynamic, brilliant-smart group and they’re working on some fun cutting-edge technology. ASP.net MVC 3, Unity Application Block, Entity Framework, HTML5, CSS3, all the cool stuff!

It’s a drive from Glendale, but the exact same distance I was driving to Old Town Scottsdale while I was doing some freelance contracting work, so I’m used to it. Now I’ll be in range of a lot of friends on the Tempe side of town, and I’ll get to commute with Chuck a few times a week to save on gas and mileage.

So many companies are afraid to take the leap into the newer technologies, instead choosing to hobble along on old frameworks and browsers (IE6, anyone)? Getting to work on the newest of the new, while it can be frustrating at times, is equally fun and rewarding — and hard to find. Finding the sandbox you want to play in most (user interface design and front-end work for me) is a gem. Finding great people to build something in the sandbox with you is even better.