It’s all too easy to wallow, worry, fret, and sulk. Competitive personalities (like me) are sometimes quick to frustration when things aren’t going the way you think they should. When you’re stuck, frustrated, angry, and upset, the last thing you need to focus on is how nothing seems to be working right. It’s time to focus on gratitude.

Finding your gratitude is always easier said than done. Human nature tends to find the fault in any situation rather than the opportunity. I have started to remind myself several times a day to be thankful and grateful for something. Pick one specific thing. It can be just a silly, trivial, tiny thing. But it’s a start because you’re grateful for it.

The next time you feel yourself start to slip into negativity, recognize it and stop yourself. Perfect time for you to find another thing to be grateful about. I have to do this at least ten times a day. I have also started to write more frequently in my Moleskine, and instead of making it a bitch session, I write down all the positive things happening, and all the events during the day that give me gratitude.

Taking the time to find something to be grateful for gives you the rare opportunity to live in the moment. As a “Type-A” personality, one of the most difficult things I can do is live in the moment. I’m always chasing the next big thing, whether it’s learning a new programming language, picking up more graphic design, learning to become a runner (and maybe triathlete) or looking forward to the next big contract. Finding my own gratitude is an everyday, ongoing challenge. And I’m grateful for the opportunity. ;)