As part of the O’Reilly Media Blogger Program, I had the opportunity to review this book called App Savvy by Ken Yarmosh.

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The App Store has its own idiosyncrasies that can be confusing for a first-time developer trying to learn the creation and app submission process. Before you launch your first app to the App Store, be sure to read this book first! This book doesn’t only cover apps — it’s also a helpful general business primer when it comes to strategy and marketing. If you have a “great app idea” and don’t know where to start, this book will get you rolling by giving you an inside view of the entire process.
I enjoyed this book because the information was concise and not wordy. One of my favorite features of this book is that at the end of every chapter, Ken interviews successful App Store developers so you can glean from their experiences. There are already lots of books that explain iOS coding. This book isn’t about writing iOS code, but instead is about everything to do with building your own successful application and launching and marketing it to the world. Enjoyable read, and I definitely recommend it for anyone interested in getting into the mobile app business.