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Vegas last weekend was fantastic. It was relaxing to have four days off in a row and not have to bring a computer (iPad doesn’t count). We ate like kings, and didn’t even get around to gambling even a penny. In “Old Vegas” you used to be able to toss a nickel or quarter into a slot machine, but these days they either want your cold, hard cash or one of those ticket things that has credits on it. Meh. Not that much into gambling anyway, so I just kept my quarters for washing the roadster next week. *grin*

Here are some of the photos I took during the trip that I’m most proud of. All of these photos were taken and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 with no fancy DSLR or Photoshop tricks.

We stayed at the Rio hotel, and the room was most excellent. Huge suite, nice bed, big dressing room, the works. Friday night we ate at the Village Seafood Buffet — all you can eat seafood was delish. Only mild gripe is that there was a lot more cold seafood than hot, but it is a buffet, they’ve gotta keep it fresh. I ate oysters, crab legs, lobster tail, shrimp, scallops and sashimi. Then we went to see “Ka”  – the Cirque du Soleil martial arts themed show. It was spectacular, as all Cirque shows are, the stage and lighting were marvelous feats of engineering and the time flew faster than anticipated.

Saturday was Chuck’s birthday, and we started celebrating by having brunch at the Carnival World Buffet in the Rio hotel. He was happy that he could get omelets and sushi at the same time. I ate everything BUT breakfast food. Oh – except for that piece of bacon. Bacon Rule: Never walk by bacon and not take a piece.

Then we headed over to the Stratosphere and rode all three rides at the very top of the observation deck. I’m a thrill ride connoisseur but I admit to feeling some apprehension about being dangled off the side of the hotel at 900 feet. Once on the rides though, I enjoyed it immensely and screamed my head off in delight.

What’s funny is how our perception has changed since becoming balloon pilots (in training). We stood peering over the edge of the observation deck at 900 feet, practically scoffing at the height because it isn’t even a “legal” minimum height for a balloon flight (which is 1000ft)! Neither of us were thrilled at heights in the past, but since ballooning, the fear of heights seems to have been extinguished.

Here’s a YouTube video I made — I’m just learning to edit videos, and this is one of my first attempts at iMovie. The transitions aren’t as smooth as I’d like, but that’s why you practice, right?

Our evening ended with Chuck’s birthday dinner at one of the best Thai restaurants in the US called Lotus of Siam. By far the best thai food I’ve ever eaten, and possibly the best food of any genre that I’ve ever eaten. We ate nam kao tod, squid larb, and drunken prawns. The scent of basil, lemon grass, and spices were enough to make me drool even before our dinner got to the table. WONDERFUL restaurant, just be sure to make reservations before visiting. We made reservations a week in advance and they were quite booked up the night we got there, but they had our table ready for us immediately.

After that, we went back to the hotel and went to the Voodoo Lounge on the roof of the Rio. The lights of the Las Vegas strip glittered and the music was a lot of fun. It was great just sharing a corner with my sweetheart and enjoying the beautiful view.

All in all, wonderful trip to Vegas, it was hard to come back to “real life” again.