Our German Shepherd gets a morning walk and an evening walk without fail, every single day. As a result, he’s the best behaved, easiest dog to handle. Chuck walks him in the mornings, I get the night shift. The walk is actually a great time to relax and live in the moment — something I definitely need more practice with.

I’m usually listening to an audiobook on my iPhone 4, which means I always have a camera at the ready for anything interesting that might pop up. One of my favorites is a cactus a few streets over that’s planted in a front yard. Here’s a pic Chuck took yesterday morning.

I see this particular cactus blossom only a few times a year, and the bloom only seems to last for maybe two to three days before it wilts and falls off. When it does blossom, it’s absolutely beautiful to behold. I was looking forward to seeing it on our evening walk last night, so I made sure to take a similar walking route so we’d pass the same cactus.  Apparently our walk was still a little bit early, because the night blooming flower was still closed up and hadn’t opened for the night. Here’s the pic that I took with my iPhone:

Being the Curious George that I am, I enjoyed pulling the pics up on the MacBook Pro and using my Google-Fu to figure out exactly what kind of cactus this is. I believe this might be called Cactus Echinopsis based on my Google-Fu result here. There are apparently over 100 varieties in the cactus echinopsis family, so I’m not sure *exactly* which one it is. But I suspect it is Echinopsis eyriesii. If someone else knows that I’m wrong, please let me know — I was a bit overwhelmed by this Wikipedia page that had every form of Echinopsis listed.

I’m going to walk by it again, maybe a little later this time tonight, and see if I can catch it with the bloom open again. Stop to enjoy the little things. Pay attention to life’s tiny details. Sometimes the most beautiful parts of life are the easiest to rush by and ignore.