Didn’t post yesterday. sosumi.

Been pursuing a lot of artistic tendencies lately…. been messing with some Flash cartoon / animation / game development. Yeah I should be brushing up on my C# skills but… not as much fun. :) Got the cross stitching going again too… I am the type that cannot sit still in front of a TV without doing something “productive”.

I absolutely adore my Wacom Intuos2 tablet…makes digital artwork/animation a pleasure instead of a frustration. Plan to post a gallery of the random stuff that I’ve come up with, if for no other reason than for entertainment value when real artists surf my site, hee hee.

Been watching a lot of cartoons….both online and on Cartoon Network. Learning by watching. By the way I *HATE* anime. It’s about the stupidest form of animation I’ve ever seen. :: shrugs :: Guess I’m a Disney-type. I’d rather appeal to the masses than some 15 year old r0x0r pH@t 37337 script kiddie who thinks the world revolves around him.

It revolves around me, silly. ;)