What a weekend…..I’m absolutely exhausted. It’s one of those weekends where I’m happier to be at work than I am to be on the weekend….. that says a lot for how tiring it was.

It started with a round of tornadoes ripping through the area AGAIN….the 2nd time in two days…..some people got hit twice even. We were directly in the path of it, but we just got some hail and a tree limb down, despite seeming rotation all around us. That was Friday night….had to be up till two something AM just to make sure we weren’t going to see the Promised Land prematurely.

Saturday I had the Cherokee Yacht Club gig with Pop Life…..what a disaster. Jeff’s instructions were awful, I ended up getting horribly lost and caught out in a severe thunderstorm, washouts so bad I couldn’t even see the road. Finally I found it…..but I was a bit grouchy by then. The place was empty (OF COURSE)…..what did they expect, what with horridly severe storms on top of a Mother’s Day weekend? :: rolls eyes :: Oh well. We got paid the same.

Sunday was spent trying to recover from Saturday…..felt like I was slogging through the mud all day. Did a little bit of cross stitching while watching TV, but other than that I was just trying to recover from the weekend. Took Aaron’s mom out to Outback steakhouse for M-Day.

Back at work today, barely awake but functioning (somewhat). No new Strongbad email today….grrr…. although he did have a new cartoon clip up :) I love that site….. oh… here….. you look too: Homestar Runner