Gig was rather dead last night, but entertaining nonetheless. Sometimes people just sit there and stare at you like they’ve never seen a human being onstage. So sometimes I just stand there and stare back, heh heh. I was in a rather mischevious mood last night, especially since it was so quiet… what can you do you know? If you stand there and look nervous because it’s so empty it’s horrid for the band, if you get snotty because it’s so empty… same thing. So I decided I may as well just mess with people from the stage. I was entertained in any case.

Went to work late today, was nice to get a little bit of sleep. I’ve got a gig with Pop Life tomorrow over at Cherokee Yacht Club. That gig’s always good for a laugh — I like to call the place Silicon Valley because of all the old men with young bimbos that have fake body parts. AAaaaaaaaaaanyways…. I digress.